Picture of Olaf Hartig Olaf Hartig
Assistant Professor (Universitetslektor)
Division for Database and Information Techniques
Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA)
Linköping University

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Apr. 29, 2017: I have got two papers accepted at the 11th Alberto Mendelzon International Workshop on Foundation of Databases and the Web (AMW), which will take place in June 2017 in Montevideo, Uruguay. The first paper is a collaboration with Jorge Pérez. The title of this paper is "An Initial Analysis of Facebook's GraphQL Language." I have made available a PDF file preprint of this paper. The second paper is titled "Foundations of RDF* and SPARQL* - An Alternative Approach to Statement-Level Metadata in RDF" and I also have a PDF file preprint of it.

Apr. 8, 2017: After presenting our WWW 2017 tutorial on "Semantic Data Management in Practice" (check out the tutorial Web page for the slides), the tutorial also got accepted to the 16th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) in Vienna, Austria (which takes place in October 2017).

Mar. 1, 2017: I have made available a PDF file preprint of the description of our upcoming tutorial on "Semantic Data Management in Practice" at the 26th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW) in Perth, Australia. Additionally, the tutorial Web page is online

Feb. 15, 2017: Together with Eva Blomqvist, we will organize the 6th "Linked Data in Sweden" day at Linköping University.

Dec. 6, 2016: The journal version of our LDQL paper has been published now. It appeared in volume 41 of the Journal of Web Semantics. The full title of the paper is "LDQL: A Query Language for the Web of Linked Data." If you do not have access to the paper on the publisher's Website or you want a one-column version of the paper, download our PDF file preprint.

Research Interests

I am interested in problems related to the management of data and databases. My focus in this broad context is on data on the Web (Semantic Web and Linked Data, in particular) and on graph data, as well as on problems in which the data is distributed over multiple, autonomous and/or heterogeneous sources (keyword: federated data management). Other keywords that appear in some of my work are data provenance and data quality. Regarding all of these topics, my interests range from systems-building related research (e.g., efficient storage of datasets and databases, query processing, and query optimization) all the way to theoretical foundations (e.g., complexity and expressive power of query languages).


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